About Us

ConstructionKlassified is founded by V-PLAN INC. a Canadian Incorporation with core areas of business as Engineering Support services. V-PLAN INC is engaged in providing Qty Survey, Takeoff and Estimation services to construction clients across North America. Our include Architecture, Engineering & Construction businesses popularly known as A/E/C industry.

The company is Lead by RAJ K, Certified Cost Professional, Civil Engineer with more than 25 years of construction industry experience managing ICI construction. He is actively involved in providing Estimation and Project Control services to clients engaged in Industrial, Commercial and Infrastructure construction.

For the further insight into the company competencies and learn more, please visit websites : www.v-plan.ca & www.v-projectcontrols.com.

Assciated with all finctional areas it was his idea to further expand the role of company and to connect the construction community Globally. ConstructionKlassifieds is established to serve as catalyst as well as a platform for construction community and also function as a platform to catering the needs and requirements of professionals, business owners, working community, building material and construction service providers. In other words to connect one and all.

In particularly construction activity is a challenge as well as opportbunity for business owners, more so for small and medium businesses. With projects going beyond scheduled time and budget, every avenue to save Costs in delivering project improves bottom line.

Savngs can be accomplished on account of

  • Material Costs
  • Labour Costs
  • Equipment Costs
  • Timely Delivery of Project 

ConstructionKlassifieds is here to help you finding source of Cheap materials, Effecient Labour and Modern Tools and Project Execution. We help you improve the bottom line, grow your business, create networks and build a profitable, dependable business.