Welcome to A unique classifieds platform creating networks for construction world.

In this section, We will explain how you can register an account and post an add with  few clicks. Also you will find what are the best practices to benefit maximum from this unique platform.

Posting an Ad

You can post an add

  1. by directly clicking the botton on the top right corner of the home page and following the steps to complete the form
  2. by registering a free account and then posting an ad afte login with activated account.
  3. by clicking the post your ad button on the bottom footer panel of the home page.

Confirmation of the Account.

Once a new user signs up, an email link will be sent to the email address for confirmation of the account. In case an ad is posted directly with an email account, confirmation link will be sent to the email for ad posted. In both cases you need to confirm the sign up inorder to use without any interuption.

Selecting the Category


In order to reach the target audience, you need to select most apporpiate category. If you feel that your scope work falls in more than one category, you could post multiple ads except for some exceptions.

Comments aims at making user experience as effective and appropriate as possible. In order to avoid spam and inappropriate ads, comments feature is introduced. Any visitor could send the comments regarding ad that is inapproporate. Website admin will take care of blocking the ad as well as the user who posted the ad from posting any future ads.

We just started this mission to create an exclusive platform to serve construction businesses across the globe and will be improving our platform with enhanced features.